Numerous Stores, Yet None To Guide You To Your Perfect Ring?

A Design On Your Mind, But Not In The Collection?

Something You Like, But Your Budget Doesn’t?

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Step 1

Book An Appointment​

Unlike Regular Jewellery Stores, At Rings&I, We Invite You To Book An Appointment With Us, Where A RING EXPERT Meets You Exclusively To Discuss And Work On Your DREAM RING

We Believe That The More Our Clients Know, The Better Choice They Can Make.
This Is Why, During Your Appointment, Our Expert Helps You COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND THE WORLD OF DIAMONDS.
From Insights About Choices To Debunking Diamond Myths – We Do Everything So You Can Make A Perceptive Choice, That Faultlessly Fulfills Your Diamond Dream.


Step 2

Explore 1000+ Designs

WHAT IS YOUR STYLE?  What Designs Can You Choose From?
And What Is The Difference Between The Two?
These And Many More Questions Are Answered In Our Concept Tour, Step 2 After Our Client Gets A Clearer Idea About Diamonds.

Once Our Client Knows What We Offer, We Turn Towards What Exactly, From These Options, We Can Craft For You.
At Your Ease, Comfort And Approval, Our Expert Tries To Gauge Your Style And Proposes A RING THAT SUITS YOUR INDIVIDUALITY, And Personal Charm.
For Couples, We Even Have Distinct Styles That Cater To Their Individual Charms, Yet Complement Each Other.

Step 3

Tune Your Design

Once You’ve Discovered Your Style, And Made Your Choice – We Personalize & Tune The Ring For You.

From Finding Your Ideal Size, To Revising The Metal Work (Colour, Texture) And Making Room For Meaningful Engravings – This Is The Step Where We MAKE THE RING, TRULY YOURS.

As Much As We Care About Catering To Your Liking, So We Do About CATERING TO YOUR BUDGET AS WELL.

If Your Dream Diamond Seems To Be Leaping A Little Out Of Budget, We Discuss And Tweak One Or More Of The 4 Cs To Ensure That You Can Own Your Ring, Without Any Misgivings!


Step 4

The Final Chapter

This Is When The Excitement Finally Sets In!
It Takes Us 20 Business Days To Craft Your Ring To Perfection, And We Keep You Constantly Updated, Throughout This WONDERFUL PROCESS – Until The Final Delivery!

Once The Ring Is Finally Ready, We Invite You To An Exclusive Photo-shoot To Add The Finishing Touch To Your Style Story –

Decked Up With Your Dream Diamond Ring, To Capture And Treasure A Splendid Memory.

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